Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Telekinesis Performance

Improve your Telekinesis

What better way to improve the quality of your training, then to add a few Toys to the mix.  When it comes down to telekinesis, one of the firsts things that you may have been told is to train with as many things as possible.  It’s pretty straight forward; if you practice trying to move only one thing over the course of your journey, you will likely only be able to move that one things.  So it’s best to play with as many things as possible, to keep you mind flexible!

On the other hand, if you’ve never really given Telekinesis a go, then some of the toys listed under “Telekinesis Toys” may be a bit confusing.  Many of them don’t look like toys at all (which is true), and you may be left wondering what to do with them.  It’s a matter of creativity! 

Push/Pull Training

Telekinetic Enhancer

The metallic, star-shaped pyramid that balances on a needle and held up by a stand, is called a Telekinetic Enhancer.  Also known as a Psi-wheel or Chi-wheel.  It’s purpose is to give you something for you to push or pull Telekinetically, by focusing on one of the corners and trying to draw it near you, or repel it away from you.  It’s a fairly simple tool, and I really only added it for completeness.  But it seems like it would be a bit more well made then the homemade psi/chi-wheels; which can be made at home with either paper or aluminum foil.

Stasis Field

The next three toys all serve pretty much the same purpose, but vary on a little on the kinetic energy you are trying to work with.  The purpose is to try and slow and stop the movement of these toys via Telekinetic action.  This technique was creatively named the Stasis Field; and it is arguably the most easy to do, and we don’t know why, but we have some ideas.  Such as, it is believed much of Telekinesis has to do with manipulating the available kinetic energy in your environment.  Unlike the Telekinetic Enhancer where there may not be a lot of available kinetic energy to work with; these toys start off in motion, which means more energy to work with.

The Radiometer

The Radiometer is essentially a sealed air-tight Psi-wheel that spins by the energy in light.  Though this may be the more difficult of the three to succeed at, it is also the most inconspicuous.  Why does it being inconspicuous matter?  So you can play with Telekinesis at work!  It’s just one of those nifty (yes I said nifty) little items people get to put on their desk, except it serves an extra purpose for you!

The Pinwheel

The Pinwheel is easily the most common among the tools to play with Stasis Field.  Mostly because when you stop a Pinwheel while it’s blowing in a fan, it’s far more noticeable that you had an effect, and it’s also the easiest to achieve.  You utilize the kinetic energy in the air from the fan to try and stop the Pinwheel from spinning.  Unfortunately, there are a couple of minor drawbacks to the Pinwheel.  The first is you will likely need to create your own stand for the Pinwheel that is sturdy enough to stay standing against the fan; another is sometimes some Pinwheels are not created equal, and they may not work properly, which is why I chose to list the one with multiple wheels; and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you need a fan.  If you have all that, it’s really quite fun to play with.

The Waterwheel

Pretty much just like the Radiometer and Pinwheel, except it’s another one of those toys you can put on your desk and play with at work, which is always fun because work sucks.  Same principle though, use the kinetic energy in the water to accomplish your intention and stop the wheel.


Proper concentration is pretty important for successful Telekinesis, among many other things in life.  But, sitting and meditating for a half an hour can be pretty boring at times.  Though I still would recommend meditation, as it has so many advantages, these next two toys are fun alternatives, and they actually fit the title of Toy!


I doubt I even need to introduce this fun little toy that took the world by storm not so long ago.  It caused quite the commotion when it was released, and it has been quite addicting to those who have had a chance to play with it since.  It works by placing a headset on your head which reads your brainwave signals and translates them into move a ball around an obstacle course!

Jedi Force Trainer

The Star Wars Jedi Force Trainer is a toy not to different from Mindflex.  You wear a headset that reads your brainwave patterns and translates them into moving the ball around.  The obvious drawback to this is there doesn’t seem to be a lot to this game.  The ball goes up and down depending on the level of your concentration, and that seems to be it.  But there are levels for you to progress through which make it somewhat challenging.  And it looks fun!

That pretty much does it for the toys I have listed at the moment.  They do look fun though huh?  I’m sure my list will grow over time, so there could be more things added in the future!

It should be noted though that you can turn just about anything into something you can train with.  In-fact it’s encouraged to find new things to play with and interesting ways to do it.

Hope you have fun!

Till Next Time!

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