Thursday, December 13, 2012

Subconscious Telekinesis and Geisting

A few days ago I got to experience something very interesting.  While I was working with my Psiwheel, I began to notice that the light for my room was flickering.  It's not all that uncommon for it to flicker a bit when I practice Telekinesis, so I wasn't all that alarmed by it.  However, this light pulsing began to pick up in frequency and intensity.  At which point, it caught my attention pretty thoroughly.  I decided to to try and get this light pulsing to sync with my intention.  Both to pulse on command, and to hold a pulse steady when the light dims.

Both were successful.  It began to pulse with my intention, as well as when the light would dim, I could hold it so if I wanted to.  So I decided to see if I couldn't make it's speed pick up even further, which again, it did.  Shortly thereafter, the light itself blew.  It was one of those energy efficient light-bulbs, you know, the swirly ones that are supposed to last for years.  This one hadn't been in for even a year when I blew it here.

The light doesn't usually flicker or pulse, only when I practice telekinesis does it do so.  But what is more interesting here, is the long line of synchronicity involved.  The night before I had watched a few of Shirak's old light pulsing videos, which kind of inspired me to try some lightwork.  Here is one of the videos.

I also watched the video he links to in the beginning, where he geists a streetlight.  Also, my light was pulsing a lot more then in this video.  It was actually kind of spooky, but cool.

Geisting is a term taken from the word Poltergeist.  As many poltergeist cases have been shown to be of human origin, the unconscious use of Psychokinesis is then referred to as Geisting.

Anyways, later that same night I was hanging out in the living room, and like many places, my living room is right next to my kitchen.  The lights in my kitchen are not the traditional lights you would find in other areas of the house.  I have no idea what they are called, but effectively they are mini-flood reflector lights.  These lights do a fairly good job of lighting a kitchen, so long as you have more then one, but they don't seem to last very long, so therefore, I'm not really a fan of them.  And they are a little expensive, so my wallet hates them too.

My kitchen's light fixture involves a string of four of them, with two pointing one direction, and two the other in an alternating fashion.  The closest one to the living room for some reason, doesn't like to turn on sometimes, and so I occasionally use it as the focal point of my psychokinesis practice.  Trying to get it to turn back on.  I usually am successful, but that night I wasn't.  Eventually I gave up and figured I would try again the next day if it still hadn't turned on.  The next day after I woke up, I found the light working again.  And of course you know now what else happen with my lights later that day.

Prior to all this, I had been working with my subconscious.  Because through careful attention of the results I acquired through my successful practice sessions, I noticed a very subconscious element involved in my success, so I worked towards improving upon my conscious to subconscious communication for better results.  I merely placed my attention deep within myself, at a level that felt like it was subconscious.  This seemed to help a great deal.

I also noticed that potency of just placing your attention on things.  For instance, sometimes my back hurts because my bed sucks.  So one day when it was giving my some grievous trouble, I decided to test out the power of attention.  I had heard that just attention, and nothing else is best, and that it opens things up and sends energy there, without the need of any special visualization, or intention, etc.  So I placed my attention on the spot of my back that hurt, and nothing else, and surprising, it did go away, for the rest of the day.  Did the same thing with my knee last night too, and it worked.  "Were attention goes, Energy flows" as they say, and it seems to hold some water.

I simply applied this to my subconscious.  This I think explains why the light started geisting in the first place. My work with the subconscious, trying to get it to interact with my environment more for psychokinetic purposes; me watching the light pulsing video above; and my attempt at light work before bed; may have accumulated into a subconscious effect to cause the light to pulse when I attempted telekinesis later that day.  It kind of fits, doesn't it?

What's most important to take away from here is that practice does reward progress.  That was the first time since I was maybe 10 years old that I got to witness me geist something like that.  It was very strange, because instinctively, I knew I was causing it because I could control it, but I really couldn't feel it.  It was like some invisible, other part of me was at work there, which made it all the more alluring and mysterious.

So if you keep at it, stay relaxed and open yourself up to it, results will head your way.  I hope you don't give up, and I hope you keep practicing.  It will pay off!

Till Next Time!

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